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Deeper Insights
into Product Lifecycle

When the supply chain impacts the consumer experience

Product Insights

Let's take an example: a consumer goes to a store and buys two units of the same smartphone model. They'll look the same, but their components will likely come from different sources.

And what if in one of them the battery is from an inefficient supplier and it doesn't perform as well as the other product? ​
The consumer will get frustrated with the brand, and return the device. 

The brand owner might get the information that the product was returned due to dissatisfaction with the battery, but will miss the data to identify whether the root cause is a specific product batch or one of its batteries suppliers. 

No improvement action is taken and product returns from consumers exposed to the same battery type will increase.

Consumer electronics brands lose, on average, 7% of their revenue to product returns. Despite that, 52% of the brands have no tracking of the components inside their products.

Lynx connects brands to their supply chain partners, from manufacturing to reverse logistics.

Accelerate your response whenever a quality issue occurs, protecting your customers and minimizing waste.

Proactive management

Minimize risks impacting your supply chain and the quality of your products.

Lower cost of ownership

Operations efficiency and waste reduction.


Avoid disruption through monitoring and warning systems.

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