Own Your Data. 
Trust Your Suppliers.

A modern and proactive approach to traceability, empowering from small businesses to big enterprises.


Limited supply chain traceability exposes your company to risks

Incomplete traceability data impacts the ability to detect and react to quality problems.

Product recall, service programs, and waste management are just a few of the business processes impacted by a lack of end-to-end visibility.

LYNX provides traceability data analytics to support: 


Minimize Your
Product Liability

Risk exposure analytics

While brand owners are confident in their ability to manage the risks of their products, they remain exposed to their suppliers' ability to do the same.


Understand Your
Customer Experience

Product return analytics

When brand owners have no tracking of the components inside their products, they will only have a limited understanding of why a consumer returned a product.
End-to-end traceability enables brand owners to understand not only why their products were returned, but more importantly, which products their consumers returned.

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